Case Study: National Division One Rugby Union Club

Individual sports nutrition programmes were put together for nine key players (seven full-time) from a National Division One rugby union club.

Over the next five months all these players lost body fat while making significant gains in muscle mass.

The team improved its league to finish the season in the top four, its best result for many years.

How the Players Benefited from Individual Sports Nutrition Programmes

  • Average fat loss: 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs)
  • Average muscle gain: 2.5 kg (5.6 lbs)
    e.g. one player lost 7.4kg (16.5 lbs) of fat and gained 1.4 kg (3 lbs) muscle
  • Improved energy levels and concentration
  • Fewer colds and infections
  • Health issues encountered: unstable blood sugar, digestive problems, exercise induced asthma

The Sports Nutrition Programmes

  • The players received a nutritional assessment and were advised about their individual nutritional requirements for their position in the rugby squad
  • They received feedback about their diet and eating habits
  • They were advised about meals and snacks:
    – High energy diets
    – Fat loss diets
    – Weight (muscle) gain diets
    – What to eat before, during and after training or a match
  • Their body fat and muscle mass were monitored using anthropometric measurements (Harpenden Calipers and limb girths)
  • Symptoms and lifestyle factors linked with increased nutritional requirements were identified e.g. unstable blood sugar were identified
  • Their nutritional intake was optimised with a tailor-made plan using supplements and sports drinks
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What Clients Say

“I firmly believe that Peter Clark’s skills significantly enhanced the performance of our players through the season”
Aaron Callaghan, Conditioner, Wakefield RUFC
” We have been very pleased with Peter’s contribution: professional, knowledgeable… enlightening”
Steve Ackroyd, Chairman, Sandal RUFC

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