“My life has been turned around since I put into place the wisdom of Peter’s nutrition programme! From my weight to digestive ailments from energy concerns and even fibromyalgia, they have all become so much more manageable by following his advice, dietary recommendations and supplement programme.

Peter is incredibly thorough and has great listening skills to suss out the root of the problem, I trust him implicitly and I cannot recommend him highly enough!”

Vicki M, Perth

“I suffered from fatigue, extreme tiredness and a bloated stomach for several years, everything was an effort and food was so boring. Since I have been under Peter’s consultancy over the past 18 months my health has greatly improved. I have more energy feel more alive and enjoying my food much better.

Peter is an excellent Nutritionist offers a prompt reliable and professional service. He is always willing to offer good sound advice & feedback when discussing any health issues or dietary problems or concerns.”

Brenda C, London

“I have been to many nutritionists in my life (I am 74) and I found Peter Clark to be one of the very best. His advice has been excellent and because he is so good I have felt well since consulting him and do not require his help now; thus, saving me money in the long run. I found his advice easy to understand and he has lots of patience too which helps a lot when you are not feeling well!!!”

Sheila S, Henley-on-Thames

“Thank you for the fantastic service, kindness and help provided during a very difficult time.”

Doreen C, Brandon, Suffolk

“Peter has helped me understand my nutritional needs, and how to meet them, in a way that is not threatening or intimidating or unachievable. I feel much better in myself, my skin (eczema) has cleared up and I lost the winter bulge I couldn’t seem to shift. All in all, I would highly recommend Peter to everyone!”

Anna D, Leeds

“Peter Clark has been my Nutritionist and Advisor for many years. He is incredibly thorough & very helpful at all times. He will sort out all your health, diet and nutritional problems, and will only recommend the supplements that are absolutely necessary for your health and wellbeing. His care is ongoing and he will recommend changes in your nutritional intake as your body responds to his good advice.”

Collette T, Leeds

“I saw Peter with numerous health problems, I received a good quality and thorough evaluation and a schedule completely suited to my needs. The supplements are high quality and I managed to overcome health problems I have suffered with for years. Learning about nutrition and how to look after myself has made a huge difference to my quality of life.”

Marianne S, Bradford

“Peter has a carefully considered and practical approach, and gives a very prompt and caring service.”

Andrea M, Leeds

“I have found Peter to be always helpful and caring.”

Mary F, Ayr

“I have appreciated your support along what has been a long road to my regaining my health. Your advice was most valuable and particularly your thorough and patient approach which proved to be much more sustainable than the quick fix solutions I had experienced in the past.

Gillian N, Farnham

“I was put in touch with Peter after doing a YorkTest for food intolerance a couple of years ago. Following an analysis of my diet, and a thorough consultation on any current health issues, he advised me on what I should be eating for optimum health and prescribed a range of vitamins and supplements to help me with specific problems. I am delighted to say that since then I have not had any recurrence of IBS and have seen a substantial improvement with PMT symptoms. I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter and am so glad that I’ve improved my quality of life and sense of wellbeing by these natural methods.”

Elaine C, Chippenham

“Peter’s knowledge and encouragement was of great help in setting me on the road to recovery from Candidiasis and, just as important, it prompted me into taking ownership of my own health – something I’d never done before.”

Maggie D, South Shields

“I am delighted with the help Peter has given me over the last few years. Initially I had suffered for several weeks following a heavy dose of antibiotics and within three days of assessment felt much better for following his dietary advice. Since then I have consulted Peter for stress and found his specialist knowledge, thoroughness and gentle, thoughtful manner helpful and supportive. He has been generous with telephone consultations and efficient in ordering necessary supplies. I would thoroughly recommend him.”

Susie P, Leeds

“When I first consulted Peter I was suffering terribly with my digestive system. I was miserable. Almost immediately things began to improve, and now I feel 100% better! Thank you Peter.”

Cherry G, Middlesex

“After being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, a food intolerance test (YorkTest) showed a strong sensitivity to yeast. I consulted Peter over the phone for several months. He explained very thoroughly the dietary regime and supplements he recommended. As a result, my absorption of food improved greatly: I have gained the weight I had lost and no longer feel the need to eat in between meals. Overall my quality of life and energy levels are noticeably better and I am able to do so much more than previously. I still maintain the regime and will continue to do so.”

Pamela T, Exeter

“My consultations with Peter Clark were always informative, enjoyable and professional. The advice given was educational and practical and after having taken that advice my digestive problems disappeared, I lost weight and my health improved considerably.

Christine S, Worcester

“I first consulted Mr Clark in April 2005 with a number of health problems including diverticulitis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, a most particular concern at that time being significant weight loss. The detailed regime covering diet and supplements drawn up by Mr Clark, the readily available advice and the kind efficient service have been of great help to me.”

Joan R, Lichfield

“A friendly, understanding and professional service. I found Peter’s advice and guidance extremely helpful and my health has been much improved as a result.”

Gordon L, Leeds

“Having someone to speak to who can not only advise me on what not to eat but also has suggestions as to what I should be eating to help with my food intolerances has been essential. I hardly ever have a migraine now. The terrible bloating I used to suffer from is under control and I have even managed to lose weight. Overall I feel so much better.”

Sue W, Northampton

I have used the services provided by Peter Clark for many years when he has supplied me with multivitamins and food supplements. I have reached the age of 91 and am still fit and active.”

Charles H, Leeds

“When blood tests last year revealed that I had various food intolerances (YorkTest), Peter was very helpful to me in diagnosing underlying conditions and, with advice on nutrition and appropriate supplements, guiding me back to health.”

Pauline W, East Hailsham

“I have known Peter Clark for about 10 years, and continue to have regular ‘check ups’ with him to make sure I am eating a nutritional diet so as to keep myself fit and healthy. He has helped me with advice on supplements, for example vitamins, to counteract aching joints and arthritis. Recently I have stopped taking HRT and have had help as to alternative ways of dealing with any problems that may arise.

What I appreciate is his practical and sensible advice, which can be integrated into the busy life styles many of us lead. (I am a Child Care Consultant, Independent Social Worker, mother and grandmother).”

Ann B, Sheffield

“I have received kind and courteous attention from Mr Clark since the first consultation for an arthritic condition. There has been substantial and helpful dietary advice, prompt service and deliveries of vitamins, and continued support for my disabilities. I do have flare-ups but continue to be mobile and active and hope to avoid operations and drugs as long as possible on Mr Clark’s programme for me.”

Sheila K, Leeds

“I found my appointment with Peter Clark very helpful. He was very thorough and provided many practical ideas as for me to enhance my diet whilst living in an African third world country. Many food types are just not available there and Peter suggested ways in which I could make the most of what was at hand.”

Ruth D, Leeds

“Peter helped me review my dietary habits and his advice was easy to implement. I have been able to make permanent changes to my diet that have reduced my symptoms. I can now tell when I let things slip and I also know what to do to address this and bring things back into balance.”

Vicky K, Leeds

“Having suffered fatigue for approximately 10 years, I contacted Peter who from the information I gave him advised me to have my ferritin levels checked. Something no doctor had done in the last 10 years and it turned out that they were very low. I no longer suffer with such terrible fatigue and am able to exercise and lead what I would class as a ‘normal’ life, thanks to Peter’s help and advice.”

Natalie K, Exeter

“I have been using Peter Clark for years and have found him and his nutritional advice to be extremely helpful. The vitamins and minerals that Peter advises are of good benefit to myself and family.”

Elizabeth D, Leeds

“Thanks to your advice, I am now able to eat a range of foods I could not before.
This has improved my life immensely.”

Helen P, Didcot

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“My life has been turned around…”

“Peter is an excellent nutritionist… a prompt, reliable and professional service”

“I would highly recommend Peter to everyone!”

“Learning about nutrition… made a huge difference to my quality of life”

“Much more sustainable than the quick fix solutions I had in the past”

“…of great help in setting me on the road to recovery from Candidiasis”

“Now I feel 100% better!”

“My consultations with Peter were always informative, enjoyable and professional”

“The terrible bloating I used to suffer from is under control”

“What I appreciate is [Peter’s] practical and sensible advice…”

“…very thorough… many practical ideas… to enhance my diet “

“I no longer suffer with such terrible fatigue and am able to… lead what I would class as a ‘normal’ life”

“… has improved my life immensely”